LASER Hair Reduction in Delhi

What is LASER Hair Reduction?

LASERs are used on areas of the body and face to get rid of unwanted hair. Over a period of time the unwanted hair is greatly reduced.

What areas of the body can I get LASER Hair Reduction?

LASER Hair Reduction can be done on virtually all body areas including the bikini area and the face.

Does the Hair go away permanently?

There is a significant and permanent reduction in the hair. There may not be complete hair removal. We find that in most people, some fine hair is left. Most people are able to ignore the fine hair left behind after the sessions of LASER Hair Reduction.

How many sessions of LASER Hair Reduction are required?

Most areas need a minimum of 6 sessions. Some areas of the body like the underarms, the legs and bikini areas are highly responsive and we observe that in most people there is a 90% or more reduction in hair after the 6 sessions. Most people find that the cycle of hair growth slows down after the first session itself. So the gap between sessions keeps increasing. After the 3rd session, most people come for a Laser Session only after 2.5 to 3 months. For the arms, back and chest, the results are very variable. People with fair skin and dark hair respond the best.

What are the side-effects of LASER Hair Reduction?

There is some redness in the treatment area. There may be mild discomfort during the procedure. Occasionally, there is a burn. The burn looks like a brown-black area and this heals within 2 weeks. If there is a burn, it is mandatory to inform the clinic. we will prescribe some medicated ointments to facilitate healing.

Are there any conditions in which LASER Hair Reduction cannot be used?

In certain medical conditions, there is an increased sensitivity of the skin to UV light. This includes conditions like lupus erythematosus. The LASERs are not licensed for use in pregnancy or breast-feeding. Certain medications also increase the sensitivity of the skin to light and you need to inform us if you are on any regular medications.

What LASER device do you use?

We use the diode LASER. This is the gold standard for LASER Hair Reduction. The results are very good. Most of our customers are highly satisfied. We have a high proportion of returning customers.

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