Does Botox make me look unnatural

Many people seem to think that botox makes one look artificial and unnatural. Most people have seen cases of celebrities from hollywood and our very own bollywood go wrong. This need not be the case. When botox is done in the correct quantities in the appropriate muscles, the results can be very natural and soft and just a softening of the face.

Things go wrong if too much is done and too soon.

To understand this, one must understand what makes botox work. Botox is a protein which is injected into the muscles of the face. It tends to relax the muscle that it has been injected into. This relaxation is temporary and the muscle eventually recovers.

Lines on the face are initially dynamic lines i.e. they come on only when we actively use the muscle. For eg the frown lines which appear only when one frowns are dynamic lines. With time, the lines tend to become static i.e. they are present permanently even when we do not actively frown. The ideal time to do botox is when one has dynamic lines. The botox then relaxes the muscles and one is unable to frown.

For the initial few months relaxation is complete, within a few months the muscle starts to regain its activity and one can start frowning again. At 6 months, usually the effect would have worn off completely. And it is time to get the Botox done again.

If one does not want the muscle to relax completely, one can get fewer units injected. The only problem is that the effect then tends to wear off quicker and one needs to get a repeat botox earlier than 6 months.

The completely frozen faces seen in celebrities require a larger number of units and more frequent injections. So, a botox injection can be done without giving the frozen appearance.

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