Do we suffer from a fair and white complex?

What’s fair and white complex?

Anyone who has grown up in India has grown up with the notion that being fair is beautiful. We have all grown up seeing advertisements of skin fairness creams, soaps, lotions …….. There are also occasional cases of fairness creams being marketed specifically for men. Much as I would like to claim that there is a gender bias, I suspect men have also been subjected to this fair and white complex. So, when the question asked is Do we suffer from a fair and white complex? The answer is a resounding yes. Thanks to years of mental conditioning that being fair is beautiful.

Has the notion of fair being beautiful changed over time?

There certainly seems like there is a higher tolerance for dusky skin tones. However, on the ground, there has been no significant changes. Even today, I come across a lot of young girls who come to my clinic for whitening injections. Many girls are driven to whitening injections simply so they have a good arranged marriage. Many girls would want the injection a few days before they are to meet the family of the Boy.

Can someone actually become fair?

Our skin colour is coded in our genes. We can only strive to get healthy glowing skin. It is not possible to become fairer than what our genes permit. When we give whitening injections (glutathione injections), the skin tan reduces. Some pigmentation which has happened due to UV exposure decreases and there is a nice healthy glow to the skin. The effect is only temporary and does not result in permanent fairness. So, one cannot actually become fair.

what can we achieve with skin treatments?

With regular skin treatments and a good skincare routine, we can achieve skin which has an even tone and texture all over. We can get a healthy glow to the skin. In my opinion, this is more important than simply being fair.

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