Acne or pimples tends to be the commonest skin problem seen in teens. It unfortunately causes a significant amount of distress at a time when young people are already going through a difficult phase. Most teens are very bothered by the cosmetic problems due to pimples on the face.

The first step in management of pimples is to reassure teens that this is part of the changes happening in the body due to hormonal changes. It almost always settles down in life. This helps the teens to accept the pimples and not get unduly stressed out.

Treatment Options:

  1. Medicated Creams: Everybody seeking medical treatment for pimples will be given a cleanser, a night cream and a cream for active pimples. I usually vary these based upon the type of pimples that are present. In addition, I may also give an exfoliating scrub.
  2. Tablets: In many people with acne, scars is a real possibility. This then needs to be treated more aggressively as it is very important to prevent scars and atleast minimise them. The tablets could be either hormonal tablets or antibiotics or a synthetic vitamin A analogue called isotretinoin. Almost everyone asks if the medications have steroids. I always say that steroids are neither indicated nor useful in acne. You will never be given steroids at our clinic without you being clearly told that steroids are being prescribed. For acne treatment, we never use steroids.
  3. Chemical peels: We sometimes combine salicylic acid peels with creams and/or tablets. This usually happens when we want a more rapid response to treatment. The peels are typically carried out once in every 3 weeks. The benefit of peels is a more rapid response and shorter healing times which results in fewer scars.
  4. LASERs, Microneedling etc are treatments(Acne Treatment) done mainly for scars resulting from acne.