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Which is the Best Sunscreen

Indian skintypeWhich Is The Best Sunscreen?

A lot of people ask me this question: which is the best sunscreen?. I wish there was a simple answer. Truth is there is no single sunscreen suitable for all skin types, all climates and all seasons. A lot of times one needs to try out a few sunscreens until one finds a sunscreen suitable for your individual requirement.

Effective way of using a sunscreen

For Indian skintype, a sunscreen of spf 30 with a PA++ rating is good. However for the sunscreen to be effective, it needs to be applied 15 mins before stepping out and needs to be re-applied every 2 hours when outdoors. Most people tend to apply a sunscreen once in the morning which simply doesn’t help much.

Why Should one use a sunscreen?

Also people seem to think that the sunscreen isn’t working because they continue to get tanned inspite of sunscreen use. The idea of using the sunscreen is to reduce UV induced damage to the skin. It protects the skin from ageing due to UV exposure, pigmentation due to UV exposure and also greatly reduces the risk of skin cancers. One continues to get tanned even after using a sunscreen.

Should I use a lotion or a gel?

For summer use in India, with the weather being hot and sweaty, I find that a gel based sunscreen is most appropriate for most people. For winters, one often needs to use a lotion based sunscreen for hydration. Nowadays, tablets are also available. These tablets contain a plant extract which protects the skin from UV induced damage. For people who are prone to pigmentation, using an oral sunscreen may be helpful in preventing progression of pigmentation.

Best Sunscreen for use with Make-up

Also very often people need to use make-up for work and wonder how they are going to use sunscreen every 2 hours with make-up. There is a simple although compromised solution for this. One can get a compact with spf 25 and re-apply this on top of their make-up every 2 hours. It is better than using no sunscreen at all.

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