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Threadlift in South Delhi

What is threadlift?

Threadlift is a procedure which helps reverse the signs of ageing of the skin. Due to ageing, there is significant sagging of the skin. Consequently, the face looks like it has been pulled down. The entire face looks like it is drooping. There is sagging of the cheeks, hollowness under the eyes and jowls (fat pads) appear along the jawline. We are based in South Delhi and offer Threadlift in South Delhi.

Who Should get a Threadlift?

Different people age at a different pace. Often people who follow a healthy lifestyle and take good care of themselves age slowly. If your job is such that you are in the sun all the time or if one is always under a lot of stress, ageing tends to be faster. Beacuse of this, there is no single age when threadlifts are appropriate. One should always consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon if they have concerns about their skin and then take their decision based on the doctors opinion.

How is threadift done?

Threadlift as the name suggests uses threads to lift up the skin. The threads come preloaded in a cannula or a needle. The procedure starts with marking the sites where the threads are to be placed. A local anesthetic is then injected at the point of entry of the thread/cannula. The thread is then weaved under the skin in the desired direction. Most threads go a fair distance under the skin. The needle/cannula is then withdrawn leaving the thread under the skin. The excess thread is cut off after tightening the thread.

What will I see after the threadlift?

After the procedure, one feels a lifting up of the skin. There is also a sensation of tightness of the skin. This initial improvement is only 20% of the improvement that will finally happen. The thread under the skin promotes the generation of collagen within the skin. Collagen is laid down under the skin over a period of the next 6-8 months. Consequently, this new collagen further enhances the effects of the thread.

Will a threadlift take care of all my needs?

In Aesthetics, management of the ageing skin and reversing the signs of ageing tends to be a process in motion. There is no single treatment that will sort out all the signs of ageing. Most people beyond a particular age need a combination of treatments. For eg, one may combine a botox injection with filler injections and threadlifts. Different treatments address different needs and hence combination is the best way forward.

What are the side-effects of threadlifts?

There is often some pain during the process. There may be a slight swelling and bruising. These tend to occur near the lower lip. They are temporary and settle down within a weak. Sometimes, there may be bumps visible on the surface of the skin. If this were to happen, you need to contact your dermatologist. With the help of massage using an antibiotic ointment the bumps can be ironed out.

Why should I get a threadlift?

Many people dislike the idea of getting interventions done on their skin. However, there is a trend towards putting your best foot forward. Several studies show that people who look younger and are better presented often do better in their careers. Knowing that one looks good often comes with increased self confidence. If one doesn’t like the way they have changed with age, it is best to get an opinion from a qualified doctor. They could give you a clear idea on what would be the best way forward, the costs involved, the possible complications etc. Based on all these factors, you can then make an informed choice.

Do you perform the procedure?

I am a qualified dermatologist with over 16 years experience. We have been performing threadlift in south Delhi in our clinic. We have had some great results and generally have a very satisfied and happy customer base.

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