Laser Hair Removal Treatment In South Delhi
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Male

This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for men who feel uncomfortable with their body hair. Having a clean chest, underarms, back, legs and arms is becoming increasingly desirable among men. Men often aspire to have a clean chest that they can flaunt. With advances in Laser technology, this no longer needs to remain a dream. It is completely achievable to have a hair-free chest. Get complete Laser Hair reduction services in South Delhi

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Methods of Hair Removal

I see several me who have tried various forms of temporary hair removal methods. the commonest methods used by men are using a razor and waxing. Very often, people get some bumps in the skin following these procedures. This is particularly true in areas where the hair is very coarse like the chest. This is due to ingrowing hair or due to a bacterial infection. It often happens with each episode of temporary hair removal. Laser hair reduction in men can help with this problem.

Number of sessions required

It is always Laser Hair Reduction in Men and never Laser Hair removal. With each session, there is temporary complete hair removal and some permanent Hair Reduction. The number of sessions required depend upon the area involved. Typically 6-8 sessions are required to achieve 80-90% reduction in hair. Initially the gap between sessions may be 4-5 weeks. With time, the gap between sessions increases and the 6-8 sessions usually take a year to be completed.

What happens during the sessions

In each session, the area to be treated is defined. The area is then shaved off. The skin is cooled down using some ice-packs and a cold gel is applied on the skin. The Laser is then performed. There may be slight discomfort during the procedure. Following completion of Laser Hair reduction in men, the skin is then cleaned. Ice-packs are applied again on the skin followed by the application of a soothing lotion to calm down the skin.

What are the side-effects of Laser hair Reduction in Men?

There is some discomfort when the procedure is being performed. The treated area may be red for a day. Some red bumps are seen on the treated area. Very occasionally, ingrowing hair may occur following Laser Hair Reduction in men, particularly on the chest area. rarely, there may be a burn on the skin. The burn appears as a tiny black patch. If something looks bad, you must report to the dermatologist immediately. Unless a problem is ignored, there are usually no permanent problems following a Hair Reduction procedure.

Is Laser Hair Reduction in Men effective

It is a very effective solution. The Laser hair Reduction in Men may not achieve complete hair removal. It does reduce the body hair by upto 90-95%. One needs to complete the sessions required. Also the Hair that is left behind is usually much finer than the original hair and hence not very bothersome. this treatment can be an effective solution to your body hair woes.

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